The Elegant and Strong Poitevin

There are some dog breeds unknown to the general public, but they have surprising characteristics that we will be happy to share. In this case let’s talk about the poitevin dog breed.

The Poitevin is a dog of very elegant appearance, strong and at the same time light, that moves with extreme agility and that adapts very well, even in the difficult terrains, and won’t doubt to go into the steepest places to chase its prey.  Its coat is short and rough, bushy but rather fine and tricolor: light brown, with large spots of black and white in the typical areas of the hounds.

The Poitevin or Poitevin hound is a historical breed of the Poitou region reserved for the hunting activity of the French nobility and royalty (white dogs of the king) and specialized in the hunting of the wolf. During the time of the French Revolution it was on the brink of extinction. The few who survived were decimated by rabies in 1842.

From 1892, François Marquis Larrye recreated the breed from specimens of Poitevin and other breeds such as the céris and montainboeuf crossed with English Foxhound but even today it is still a very rare dog in France. The breed was defined in 1915 and is currently recognized by the FCI and the major international cynological associations.

In family they are kind, obedient, docile, easy to train and calm with other dogs. They do not like to be alone, it must have a company, even if its another dog, being a reason of why it is not suitable for a single owner, since it is a breed that has always been used to hunt in pack. However, with people outside the family, they have a much more reserved character, getting to the point of having an aggressive behavior with strangers.

It is a breed of dog strong, resistant, and its only weak point are the ears, since it has a certain predisposition to suffer otitis by having them fallen. Maintaining their hygiene will be easy, an occasional brushing will suffice.

The poitevin needs a lot of exercise, which makes him the perfect dog if we have a cottage. Cities, of course, are not for them.

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