Tips: Naming your Doggie

The fact of getting a pet is synonymous with adding one more member to your family, not only for the responsibilities that it entails but also for the great emotional bond. Everyone in the family will want to give a name the new member, but choosing how to call it is not always a simple task, and regardless of everyone’s tastes, these tips may be help you.

The ideal is to choose a short name, not longer than two syllables or that does not resemble an order, for example, it is not recommended Call your dog “Moe”, as it can easily be confused with the “No” command.

There is always the fun option of choosing a name in contrast to the characteristics of the dog or in another language, for example, “Chiquito” for a big breed like the Saint Bernard or Zeus, for a small dog. Some funny names depend, logically, on the sense of humor of each person. Others, however, are at least original or different.

Tips for puppies
The puppies begin to sharpen their ear from birth, and in the end will end up associating a word as their own name. However, there are a number of inappropriate terms to ignore and they may not understand.

  • Do not use a word of one syllable or more than three, which are not short but not excessively long. It is likely that he will confuse them.
  • Terms often used as a name for the pet are prohibited, as it will not associate it as an appellation of its own and you would not know when you are calling it.

On the other hand, it is possible to call your small dog as someone who has marked you at some point in your life, whether animal or not. Famous names and geeks are the order of the day.

However, it is you who decide how to call your dog, maybe you have spent too much time deciding what to call it and, when you finally get your desired pet, you end up giving him the name that you wanted. And after he responds to his name, he will be ready for his training and obedience canine, and the faster your pet learn it much better, who would not like to train a pet to sit and give you his paw ?

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