Sport for Dogs: Disc Dog

Disc Dog is a sport or game in which, basically, the person launch to the air a Frisbee with the intention of that their dog catches them. What makes the sport great and entertaining is because the disk floats in a particular way that turns the dog’s catch into something spectacular. These catches, become jumps and acrobatics that raise this hobbie at a competitive level.

The practice of this sport exalts the union between the owner and the dog, necessary to carry out this work in common. The synchronization between both increases in precision the greater the difficulty of the throws.

It was all thanks to a young man named Alex Stein and his dog Ashley, a Whippet, in the 1970s, when they sneaked in during a break from a televised baseball game between two big teams in the United States.

Alex and Ashley started playing, leaving everyone speechless with the spectacular maneuvers they performed together. They were only eight minutes before the stadium security stopped them. However, those eight minutes were necessary to popularize, at that time this unknown sport.

How to practice
Disc dog is an accessible sport and does not require a great investment of material, you just need a few frisbees, an open space, a dog who likes to jump and run, trained with the basic obedience and your imagination to throw the Frisbees.

Dogs when making great jumps in height and distance in addition to sudden turns, the legs and the column, can suffer important injuries so certain breeds or types of morphology should take special care, especially those dogs with very long columns.

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