The Cheerful Hovawart

The Hovawart is an excellent guard dog and herd. His smell is exceptional and his vigilance is remarkable. In particular, he is very affectionate, calm, attentive and willing only to defend himself.

The Hovawart is a dog originally from Germany which, before the World Wars, was liked so much that in the Der Schabenspiegel (1275), which is a compilation of civil laws written by a Franciscan monk used in The medieval era in southern Germany, it was made that whoever attacked the life of this animal would have to pay a fined with a very high amount.

It  was Formerly known as hofwart, which meant guardian of the corral. After the medieval period, its popularity began to decline against the success of other breeds like the German Shepherd. After the two World Wars, this dog almost disappeared and was thanks to passionate breeders like K. F. König or Otto Schramm that managed to get ahead.

A medium-large, powerful dog, with a somewhat elongated and athletic body. With a maximum weight of 35-40kg males, and 30-35kg females. Its legs are broad, strong, and the tail is long. The hair is long and soft black, blond or black with blonde spots.

It is very sweet, calm, cheerful. He gets along well with the kids, with whom he will have a great time running or playing. Besides, this breed is very protective, and an excellent guardian, although that does not mean that he must always be outside, but on the contrary: if he does not interact with humans, he can become a nervous and unsociable dog.

They are suitable for countryside and city and do not mind living in medium size apartments if they get  provided with activities. At work they are easy to train, being very persistent, obedient, indefatigable and are effective in the task entrusted to them. As a family they are obedient, active, affectionate, playful and protective with children and devotees of their family.

Specific care
The Hovawart is not a dog to have it locked in a home or an apartment, it is very active and it is advisable that it can live in a house with backyard, it will make the dog grow healthy both physically and mentally, it is necessary for the owner to get him to walk and run.
To keep their hair healthy it is enough to brush it often, putting special care in places where they could become tangles, like the back of their ears.

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