How to practice Canicross with your dog

An ideal practice for Dog lovers and sports as it is the way to enjoy nature  sharing new experiences with your pet and at the same time enjoying a common hobby of him, the passion to run.

What is the Canicross?
Canicross is a mode derived from mushing (sledding with dogs) and consists of running with a dog tied to the waist by means of a belt of about two meters that joins the belt of the runner with the harness of the dog. Traditional straps should not be used since it is necessary to cushion the impacts of both bodies with special equipment.

This mode is becoming increasingly popular in Europe and originated as a way to train out of season for mushers. It is usually practiced in natural parks without much unevenness, walks where you can take walks or, where we do not have the discomforts and dangers that can be in urban environments.

The canicross kit:

  • Ergonomic harness
    It has to be comfortable for the dog, to be well secured and to avoid any type of friction that can cause injuries at the cutaneous or anatomical level.
  • Line of fire
    It is a flexible union to avoid jerks and dampen the accelerations and brakes between you and your pet. It usually has a maximum length of 2 meters, although there may be variations.
  • Belt for the guide
    Is the belt that the person must wear, and where the dog will be attached.

Canicross races usually have different formats, most of them are on land, but some events are made on sand or snow, and the most frequent distances are usually 5-10km.


  • The participation of all breeds of dogs is allowed, as long as they are in good physical shape and they surpass the obligatory veterinary control.
  • Participating dogs must be at least 1 year of age, have mandatory vaccinations and implanted microchip.
  • The participation of dogs that are manifestly dangerous are not allowed
  • Conflicting dogs but non-dangerous, like those who have strange reactions to other dogs in certain circumstances, should run with muzzle big enough for breath space or start from last.
  • During the race the dog must always run in front of the runner or next to.
  • Never practice canicross with a collar instead of a harness because it could cause irreparable cervical injuries in the dog.

How to train your dog
Once you have the canicross kit and you have taught the basic commands to your dog, you can start practicing on your own in any enabled zone. It is advisable to start a moderate routine and increase the pace progressively, according to our own performance and that of our partner.

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